Saturday, August 31, 2013

Hey there,
Im really really sorry for not posting anything on the blog for so long.
Planning to post something interesting soon.

And yes Ill be regular.

Be happy. Be Awesome!

Monday, September 5, 2011

The Conversation.

Today was her one month wedding anniversary. She glanced at her reflection in the six foot long mirror that adorned the bedroom wall. She looked beautiful. Her hair was tied up in a French roll and saree perfectly draped. She smiled at her reflection and knew she looked stunning.

Suddenly, her eyes were covered by someone’s palms. He whispered slowly while taking his hands away from her eyes, “Keep your eyes closed”. There stood a well built man. He was wearing a jet black three button suit with nicely gelled hair.

“What is it?” she asked, surprised. “Something that will make you smile” he beamed and handed over a golden box beautifully wrapped with red lace. She opened it carefully and gasped, “Whoa! This rock is huge!”

“Do you like it?” he smiled. “Of course, but..” she suddenly stopped. “But what?” he asked “The ring looks expensive.” she said softly.

“Nothing is expensive for me and anything, just anything for a smile from you.” he boasted. She fell silent. She knew that was the truth. He was one of the youngest businessmen in the country who had struggled his way right to the top. But it was not the complete truth. These things hardly mattered to her. The jewellery, the luxury, the parties, nothing were important.

She looked in his eyes. “Yes, you are right, you can afford anything. But I don’t need a diamond ring to make me smile”. He looked shocked. “Don’t you like the ring? We will get it exchanged!” he added hurriedly. “No, you don’t get it.” she sighed. He repeated, “No! You don’t get it. I am just proving my love!” She said, “You don’t have to prove anything, you just have to love.” To which he retorted, “But I always thought women are happiest when they get gifts, especially diamonds!” He was confused as he couldn’t understand her thoughts.

“Yes she is, but she is happier when her man looks at her and says she is beautiful. She is happy when he holds her hand and says you are my life. When he listens to her inner thoughts, shares his dreams with her. That’s what a woman really wants. It’s not necessary to present an expensive gift to make her smile. The deed can be done even with a simple silver ring and expressing your love truly.” She was still staring into his eyes.

He got up suddenly, which made her anxious. “I am sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt you and I really liked the ring. I just blurted out what I have been feeling since we got married.” He kept moving away till he reached the door.

She finally asked worriedly, “Where are you going?”  He looked serious. Turning back he calmly replied, “To get you the simple silver ring you mentioned and then I’ll do exactly what you asked me to do.”

Both of them burst out laughing.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

And..she took everything...

The bags were packed. Everything was set. She had been packing for almost a week now. Looking at her bags, no one could have believed the fact that she stayed in a hostel. It was her last day in Mumbai.  

She was not only leaving the city she loved, she was leaving much more than that. She was leaving her college days, the known roads, her work place, her hostel room, her favorite shopping places, her frequently visited restaurants, her hangout locations, the known smiles, the friendly waves, the no reason high fives, the warm hugs, just everything!  

She was leaving seven years of all this, but most importantly she was leaving her friends, who stood by her through thick and thin.         

She stood on the platform waiting for the train to move, her face showcased a mix of all emotions. A bit of excitement, a bit of nervousness, a bit of tension...but a small tinge of happiness sparkled in her eyes. Why? Because she finally had after a year's effort secured admission for post graduation in her desired university abroad.  

Heaps of portfolio work, lots of documentation, trips to educational departments and banks.The tension of the loan and the visa. It was a never ending process. What mattered was, that she was getting an inch closer to her dream now.  

But was she really leaving everything. No, I dont think so. She was carrying much more than what she left behind. A sense of independence she felt after she stepped into the city alone, the bond she made with people around, the important principles in life that the city taught her. She was taking hearts of friends along with her, she was taking blessings and of course a thing that no one could snatch away from her.... ever lasting memories.

- Dedicated to my dearest friend Kajal. 

Friday, August 5, 2011

When in your Arms...

When in your arms
I get a feeling of security
Its you who possesses me
Its you who owns me

When in your arms
There's no sense of time
The clock just stops
There is no past, no future
Only this one moment

When in your arms
I feel the world close to my heart
The feeling of being held
of being loved in just one gesture

When in your arms
All I feel is your warmth
your heartbeats, your fragrance
Just want to absorb it all.
That you shall not let go of me
Protect me, shield me forever.
That I am your angel and
you are my wings.

A reason to Live

Give me a reason to smile,
Give me a reason to laugh,
Give me a reason to love,
A reason to live.
as my only smile was you,
those silly things you did,
those stupid faces you made me laugh with.
as you were the one who taught me to live,
to feel, to experience the purity of love.
All the moments with you are mere
memories for others.
But for me, they are the only thing I have been left with.
Give me a reason to love.
A reason to live.
A reason to find the butterfly called hope again.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

What If ?

Why dont you laugh till your stomach hurts.
Why are you so rigid.
So calculative of what you say and what you dont....loosen up.
What's your last day.

Why dont you express your love more often.
Why dont you kiss your wife before you leave for work,
and hug your children when you are back.
A simple gesture of love, a small pat on your friend's back
is all what it takes.
Fill your life with love.
What's your last day.

Why dont you forgive quickly
Why do you hold grudges unnecessarily.
Forgive and forget.
What's your last day.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Miss You MAA.

Never saw your face, but somehow I know
You must have been beautiful.
The words which came out of your lips,
must have been soft and sweet.
Yours gestures must have been warm.
Your touch so gentle....
Till a time I never knew this kind of love existed...
But now when I look around and my eyes dont find you..
I know I miss you Maa.
I'm blessed with so much love and affection,
but nothing compared to what you could have showered upon me
I miss your warm hugs.
I miss your scoldings.
Whenever I get a medal,
I miss the twinkle in your eyes.
Whenever Im down with failure,
I miss that pat on my back which says
Its gonna be allrite.
Somehow I just cant stop wishing about you being there with me today.
What I really miss is probably the pride on your face...
of being my Mother...