Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Miss You MAA.

Never saw your face, but somehow I know
You must have been beautiful.
The words which came out of your lips,
must have been soft and sweet.
Yours gestures must have been warm.
Your touch so gentle....
Till a time I never knew this kind of love existed...
But now when I look around and my eyes dont find you..
I know I miss you Maa.
I'm blessed with so much love and affection,
but nothing compared to what you could have showered upon me
I miss your warm hugs.
I miss your scoldings.
Whenever I get a medal,
I miss the twinkle in your eyes.
Whenever Im down with failure,
I miss that pat on my back which says
Its gonna be allrite.
Somehow I just cant stop wishing about you being there with me today.
What I really miss is probably the pride on your face...
of being my Mother...

Friday, December 10, 2010


How is it possible that you feel a pain
without actually getting physically hurt..
Pain is such an emotion,
where you loose your senses.
You become numb.
Shattered, helpless.
You try hard to rise up and get back on your feet
Try harder to even find some hope.
But the pain is strong.
It makes you fall on your knees.
You have nothing else but loneliness.
You try hard to act brave,
but all in vain
Something within is so painful
that it feels as if some hundred pins are piercing
through your heart.
People say time is the only solution.
I want to believe it.
I try and put my belief to test
and leave everything on time, the best healer.