Sunday, April 18, 2010


Why is the first time so important? Why is it so memorable?
A few of the the first times that I will always recall..

First time I rode a bicycle.
Feeling of persistence, perseverance.. (did'nt know the meaning then)

First time I spoke in front of a crowd,
Feeling of being shit scared... (actually).

First time I wore a saree,
Feeling of irritation..

First time I got my pay,
Feeling of independence and achievement..

First time I experienced snow,
Feeling of pure joy..

First time I gained strength from praying,
Feeling of my inner god..

First time I refused getting bullied and actually hit the person (Mind you it was the last time...)
Feeling of fearlessness

First time I saw my drawings turn into real structures,
Feeling the joy of creation

There are so many such first times in all our lives..
They could relate to any of our feelings of anger, love, happiness, joy, excitement, fear..
Let’s take out some time to remember and cherish each of those FIRST TIMES...

(photo courtesy mansing shinde)