Sunday, September 20, 2009


I was nine and had changed my school.The previous school was in my hometown Mhaisal.I was basically shy and change of school had made me a bit more conscious.After some days, I succeeded in making some friends.

The class teacher was supposed to teach all subjects,in the primary section.So according to our receptive capacity and mood he would take subjects.Whenever he felt that we have become dull, he would encourage students to do somethings like singing,dancing, acting or even imitating.

It was rather a dull day,and it was the last class,school would be over in some time.No one was in the mood for studies.So he decided to have our entertainment hour.

He first called one of the girls, she was a very good singer and to top it she had the confidence of singing in front of the whole class.She happily agreed and sang some songs.

I was unaware that I was the next target.I totally froze when sir pointed his finger towards me.I was so stunned that my bench mate had to push me out of my seat.

Finally I gathered up some courage and went in front of the class.I absolutely did not have any idea about what would I do next.The teacher, again reminded me that I was there to entertain the class.

I stood there for a long time,thinking should I sing,should I act.I did not want my class mates to make fun of me.what should I do,by which I will not look stupid.I did not even look up at all those eyes,some of which who were smirking,some shocked,some sympathetic.

Finally,looking at my petrified state, he told me to go back.When I went home, I told everything to Maa(My mother). She asked me why I did not sing. I told her that I did not have a great voice and that I was scared that everyone would make fun of me.

I still remember her words.She said God has not given everything to everyone. so learn to appreciate what he has given you. If you think you cant sing, do what ever which makes you happy, share a joke, share a smile, make people laugh, anything.

Those words did not make any immediate impact on me,but after so many years I understood the meaning of those words. In your own small way try sharing happiness, make people smile around you, give a bit of hope everyday and it can make a huge difference in some one's life.

Saturday, September 19, 2009


I wanted to share this story with all of you.

In ancient India,the gurukul system of education was followed.Once two shishya's (disciples)finished their course of study in there guru's ashram (i.e gurukul which means the house of the the teacher,where the disciples were supposed to stay till they finished their studies).
Before taking leave,they asked blessings from their guru.The guru blessed them,but also reminded them of their vows (they had to observe bramhachaarya i.e bachelorhood.That meant they would never get married,not get close to any woman,or even think of her.After seeking the guru's blessings both the shishya's started their journey.After walking for a while they reached a stream .When they got ready to cross it,they saw a beautiful young girl trying to cross the stream.
One of the shishya's offered her help,and the girl agreed happily.The shishya picked her in his arms and crossed the stream,dropped her at the other end.She thanked him and left.
Looking at all this the other shishya got very upset and furious.He felt that the first shishya broke his vow.He kept on thinking over and over again about the incident.They finally reached their place,and started arranging their beds.
The shishya, till now had kept himself calm ,but couldn't control himself and he shot the question at the first shishya," How could you pick the girl up?How could you break the promise you gave our guru just some time ago?"
To this the first shishya replied,"I agree that by picking her i broke my promise,but my first duty at that time was to help the girl,and I could'nt do it without touching her.I dropped her as soon I crossed the stream.I know I have sinned.But you have sinned more than me my brother,as you have carried her burden till here."
The second shishya did not understand this.Instead of asking for an apology why was the shishya blaming him.The first shishya spoke again," As soon as I crossed the stream I dropped her and left her physically as well as mentally.And you my brother did not even touch her ,but yet kept on thinking about her and the incident again and again,by which you have carried her burden till here."

Friday, September 18, 2009

Things I learnt....

Age 6 : Climbing trees and running pointlessly can make you feel very happy.

Age 7 : You cant tease your class teacher,otherwise you are beaten black and blue.

Age 8 : Cats don't like to drink milk with bournvita in it.

Age 9 : Its very important to perform,there's is no space for shyness,if not sing,share a joke.

Age 10 : When you don't know the answer,the teacher is bound to throw a question at you.

Age 11: If you own a cricket bat, you can be the captain and the batsman all the time.

Age 12 : Always being the new girl can make you feel irritated.

Age 13 : Making planners and time tables just before you sleep can make you feel happy,but the truth is that they don't work

Age 14 : Graham Bell is the most awesome inventor.[He invented the telephone]

Age 15 : The coolest thing is to drive a bike.

Age 16 : Friends are the treasures of life.

Age 17 : Maths is a huge ugly monster and can give you nightmares.

Age 18 : Failure is something you look at positively and it will teach you everything.

Age 19 : Things like stationary,colours,and stuff can also make you happy.

Age 20 : If you don't have the strength of going against the wave,simply go with the wave, at least you are moving.

Age 21 : Socialising and Public Relations are the most important things, and you cant afford to forget them.

Age 22 : In bad times,just compare yourself with people who are not as blessed as you.

Age 23 : Its great fun to watch movies between two exam papers.

Age 24 : Thinking about the past is not going to change it,and worrying about the future will not help it

Age 25 : You should be in the right place at the right time