Friday, September 18, 2009

Things I learnt....

Age 6 : Climbing trees and running pointlessly can make you feel very happy.

Age 7 : You cant tease your class teacher,otherwise you are beaten black and blue.

Age 8 : Cats don't like to drink milk with bournvita in it.

Age 9 : Its very important to perform,there's is no space for shyness,if not sing,share a joke.

Age 10 : When you don't know the answer,the teacher is bound to throw a question at you.

Age 11: If you own a cricket bat, you can be the captain and the batsman all the time.

Age 12 : Always being the new girl can make you feel irritated.

Age 13 : Making planners and time tables just before you sleep can make you feel happy,but the truth is that they don't work

Age 14 : Graham Bell is the most awesome inventor.[He invented the telephone]

Age 15 : The coolest thing is to drive a bike.

Age 16 : Friends are the treasures of life.

Age 17 : Maths is a huge ugly monster and can give you nightmares.

Age 18 : Failure is something you look at positively and it will teach you everything.

Age 19 : Things like stationary,colours,and stuff can also make you happy.

Age 20 : If you don't have the strength of going against the wave,simply go with the wave, at least you are moving.

Age 21 : Socialising and Public Relations are the most important things, and you cant afford to forget them.

Age 22 : In bad times,just compare yourself with people who are not as blessed as you.

Age 23 : Its great fun to watch movies between two exam papers.

Age 24 : Thinking about the past is not going to change it,and worrying about the future will not help it

Age 25 : You should be in the right place at the right time


Deepak Shinde said...

Dear Ujju, What you have learnt in your Twenty Five years, some times takes a life time for others.What you say is right, Failure is one great teacher.

Mrunalini Shinde said...

you have described your whole life in just a few that is what i like the most about u!!!!!!

keerti said...

but i still cant stop imagining about the cat's expression after having the bournvita milk........did u actually try that????????

Anonymous said...

girl, i really love this post! haha! awesome!

sabik said...

lol interesting piece of writing. really liked it! :)