Friday, October 3, 2008

Happiness is in small packets.

What is happiness?When will you get happy?After schooling?After graduation?After marriage?After you get kids?
When is the right time to be happy?It is NOW.
I have always believed that happiness lies in small packets on the path of life,and not gift wrapped at the end.Its not the destination which is important ,but it the process which matters.

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Prabodh said...

Happniess is like a morning Sun in cold dark nights ...
The celestial ecstasy to enjoy the beautiful sight ..
Happiness is like the blue sea water that floats through the oceans ..
The soothing sound to feel and dance with the motion ..

Happiness is the emotion that bring smiles to the face ..
The understanding session .. which keep us out of the mess ...
Happiness is the joy.. like a Babys sound sleep..
And Like deeply in love .. when two lovers meet ...

Happiness is here .. happiness is there ..
Only you need to find it .. its hiding everywhere ...
Happiness is me and Happiness is you ..
Happiness is the God .. only if you believe ..!!

Cheers :) .. Be Happy .. Always !!