Saturday, April 9, 2011

What If ?

Why dont you laugh till your stomach hurts.
Why are you so rigid.
So calculative of what you say and what you dont....loosen up.
What's your last day.

Why dont you express your love more often.
Why dont you kiss your wife before you leave for work,
and hug your children when you are back.
A simple gesture of love, a small pat on your friend's back
is all what it takes.
Fill your life with love.
What's your last day.

Why dont you forgive quickly
Why do you hold grudges unnecessarily.
Forgive and forget.
What's your last day.


nirav said...

What if ....
nicely written some thoughts are interesting :) nice work ujju :P

Deepak Shinde said...

A lovely thought indeed, of the 365 /366 days in a year, one day will surely mark one's death anniv. Just think, How many times have we passed this day? without so much as a thought to it.

Varsha said...

Well written ! we have to make the most of our small life... no space for regrets...remember all happy moments!


Very true n thats the perfect way of life every male should live..n he wld be asked for nothing more by his loved ones!!!this is wat i am gonna surely follow in my diary of life! Amen!!!

Harsh Vaidya said...

great post...loved your blog :)