Tuesday, August 16, 2011

And..she took everything...

The bags were packed. Everything was set. She had been packing for almost a week now. Looking at her bags, no one could have believed the fact that she stayed in a hostel. It was her last day in Mumbai.  

She was not only leaving the city she loved, she was leaving much more than that. She was leaving her college days, the known roads, her work place, her hostel room, her favorite shopping places, her frequently visited restaurants, her hangout locations, the known smiles, the friendly waves, the no reason high fives, the warm hugs, just everything!  

She was leaving seven years of all this, but most importantly she was leaving her friends, who stood by her through thick and thin.         

She stood on the platform waiting for the train to move, her face showcased a mix of all emotions. A bit of excitement, a bit of nervousness, a bit of tension...but a small tinge of happiness sparkled in her eyes. Why? Because she finally had after a year's effort secured admission for post graduation in her desired university abroad.  

Heaps of portfolio work, lots of documentation, trips to educational departments and banks.The tension of the loan and the visa. It was a never ending process. What mattered was, that she was getting an inch closer to her dream now.  

But was she really leaving everything. No, I dont think so. She was carrying much more than what she left behind. A sense of independence she felt after she stepped into the city alone, the bond she made with people around, the important principles in life that the city taught her. She was taking hearts of friends along with her, she was taking blessings and of course a thing that no one could snatch away from her.... ever lasting memories.

- Dedicated to my dearest friend Kajal. 


Nishal Joseph said...

moving ahead is the only option we have and is the only option that should be. good friends don't need 'line of sight' to work. they are with us always..

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

A fine dedication. Wish her all the good luck from my side too, and just warn her to stay in contact with you, or threaten her with birthday bumps :P

Blasphemous Aesthete


nicely put!

हेमंत कुमार दुबे (Hemant Kumar Dubey) said...

Best wishes

Deepak Shinde said...

When we were children, my grandmother would dramatize to us the simultaneous feelings of happiness & anguish, the moon's (Chandoba's) mother feels, when she finds that the shirt she has stitched for him today does not fit the next day.Happy that he has grown, Sad that the shirt does not fit. A nice quote from the book,'Who Moved My Cheese',"The quicker you let go off old cheese, the sooner you find new cheese". Congrats, Ujju, a fine post indeed!

Anonymous said...

Hey Ujwala...read your post...very well written and expressed...specially the last paragraph....kudos to ur friendship \m/ and all the best to ur frend and ur friendship