Thursday, March 25, 2010


Why am I waiting,
What am I waiting for,
Who am I waiting for,
All these years, through summers,winters and the rains, I'm still waiting.
Am I waiting to complete my incompleteness,
Am I waiting to lighten the darkness,
Am I waiting to fill in the space where there is vacuum.
After all these thing remains a mystery.
What if my wait doesn't fulfill my expectations..
But then, hope is all that I have, one of my prized possessions.
I believe that waiting for anything makes you realize the importance of your wait.


maggi said...

awesomeeeeeeeee :))

Pooja Majage said...

Superb again..Loved it...and very very true... :)

Mrunalini Shinde said...

flawless writing,a superb thought!waiting for the new ones sis....

Deepak Shinde said...

Our whole life is spent in waiting for a destination to arrive, we believe that this journey of our life would be meaningless without one. Ponder a little deeper and one can glean, it is not the destination that is important - because there is none- but the journey itself!