Wednesday, March 17, 2010


I often ask myself these questions,
Who am I? What is my purpose?
But every time all I get is more question.
Confusion and chaos.....
Some questions are not meant to be answered I guess!
But I still do not give up.
I m stubborn want my answers,
I ask who can answer me...
I hear a little voice inside me saying “Only God”
My next question...Where do I find god,
Do I chant, or do I meditate
The voice inside me is no longer little,
It has raised...”God’s inside you, and nowhere else”


Ashwithsky said...

Hey Didn know, U know to hv some sort of inclination towards spirituality....D Post is ultimate truth other then the last line. "God is not In U......Infect U R God"....Neways Its really Awesome...Nice to know ur brain Process.

keerti said...

yes even i get this questions many a times; i think people with similar thoughts should form a group and discuss about it..........!!!!!!!!!!!